OSMRC responds to reports of sexual misconduct (including sexual harassment and sexual assault), stalking, and domestic/dating violence involving members of or visitors to the university community.

Reports can be made:

  • In person with OSMRC: email or call (319) 335-6200 to make an appointment in advance
  • Over the phone: (319) 335-6200
  • Via email
  • Using this online form

You have a say in how your report is handled - not every "report" results in a university complaint.

If you are an academic or administrative officer (A/AO), you have additional responsibilities under University policy. If you are not sure if you are an A/AO, click here

OSMRC will make every effort to provide prompt and effective responses to reports of misconduct, but if you have immediate concerns please contact a 24-hour confidential resource or call 911.

Preserving evidence

Physical evidence deteriorates quickly, so it's important to act quickly to preserve evidence. Even if you haven't decided whether to make a complaint, preserving evidence will keep your options open if you choose to pursue an investigation in the future.

General recommendations for preserving evidence:

Do not alter, dispose of, or destroy physical evidence.

Create a written record of the incident. Here's a journal template with prompts to help you record information that might be important in a criminal or administrative complaint process.

Preserve electronic communication, including text messages and social media posts, by saving them or taking a screenshot.

If you are a victim of stalking, maintain a log of stalking-related incidents and behavior.

Recommendations specific to sexual assault:

Get a sexual assault medical exam from a trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner. It's recommended that you delay showering, bathing, brushing teeth, eating, drinking, or changing clothes until after the exam. Bring a change of clothes with you to the hospital.

If you must change clothes, store clothes and bedding that might be used as evidence in a clean paper bag. Do not wash them.

Criminal complaints and university administrative complaints

Among a victim's options is to make a complaint. Depending on the situation, there may be two separate complaint options - through law enforcement and the university.

City and campus police enforce laws and investigate alleged criminal activity. The university enforces policies and investigates alleged policy violations. These processes are different and may result in different outcomes and consequences. OSMRC is responsible for educating possible complainants about both of these options. Call (319) 335-6200 or email us to make an appointment to learn more about these complaint options.