Confidential Support

The University of Iowa is committed to providing students, faculty, and staff with options for learning about university policies and receiving information about reporting violations in a confidential setting. While the university values and honors confidentiality, some units and individuals are obligated to report possible violations. 

If you are an employee who is unsure whether you are able to provide confidential assistance to someone who discloses to you an experience of sexual misconduct, dating/domestic violence, or stalking, visit "mandatory reporter" defined.

The OSMRC cannot promise confidentiality and is required to act in situations that present a possible threat to the campus community. Connecting victims or complainants with confidential, supportive resources is among the office's primary concerns. 

People often have doubts, concerns, and questions about what to do after an incident. An individual might want to do nothing, but finds that going back to life-as-usual is not possible. Many people have never heard of victim advocates or wrongly assume that such services are reserved only for the most serious situations or most desperate individuals. Depending on the needs, the OSMRC makes referrals to the following agencies or offices for confidential support and information.

Victim Advocacy

Victim advocates are knowledgeable about reporting options and work closely with other agencies and departments involved in responding to reports or complaints of misconduct. Advocates can assist with safety planning and provide guidance on navigating community/campus resources without anyone else needing to know. They can participate in the criminal and judicial processes, providing the benefit of an experienced adviser as questions arise. Advocates assist in a wide range of situations, from seemingly minor to life-threatening. The following agencies provide advocacy services in Iowa City and the surrounding areas:


In addition to or instead of working with an advocate, individuals may choose counseling to deal with the impact of sexual misconduct, dating/domestic violence, or stalking. Confidential counseling and referrals are available to students, faculty, and staff through the following offices:

Education and consultation

Within the scope of confidential support available to persons impacted by sexual misconduct, dating/domestic violence, or stalking, all members of the university community have access to the following resources with specialized expertise that can be helpful with decision making.