OSMRC is not a confidential resource. Connecting individuals with confidential, supportive resources is among our primary concerns. 

Victim Advocates

An advocate can confidentially answer questions, provide information about options, and help with safety planning. Advocates can also serve as an Advisor to a Complainant and be present for any meetings related to a university resolution process or criminal complaint.

Rape Victim Advocacy Program (RVAP): (319) 335-6000 (24-hour hotline)

Domestic Violence Intervention Program: (800) 373-1043 (24-hour hotline)

Monsoon Asians & Pacific Islanders in Solidarity: (866) 881-4641 (24-hour hotline)

Nisaa African Family Services: (319) 338-7617

Transformative Healing: 319-389-8430


    The university provides various options for free and confidential counseling for community members.

    University Counseling Service (for students): (319) 335-7294

    Faculty and Staff Services/Employee Assistance Program (EAP) (for faculty and staff): (319) 335-2085

    Women's Resource and Action Center: (319) 335-1486

    Rape Victim Advocacy Program (RVAP): (319) 335-6000

    Consultation and Conflict Resolution

    The Office of the Ombudsperson provides information in a confidential setting about university policies and procedures. The office can also help with informal resolutions without a formal complaint, including mediation. 

    Office of the Ombudsperson: (319) 335-3608