OSMRC provides information to student respondents involved in a sexual misconduct, dating/domestic violence, or stalking complaint. This includes describing the complaint resolution process as stated in the Student Misconduct Procedure, reviewing and assisting with requests for reconsideration of interim measures, facilitating accommodations, and providing updates throughout the complaint resolution process.

OSMRC is not a confidential resource. Connecting those involved in the complaint process with confidential, supportive resources is among the office's primary concerns.

OSMRC does not provide legal advice. Those accused of violating a university policy may choose to consult with an attorney at their own expense.


Preserving evidence

Respondents have an opportunity to meet with an investigator to respond to allegations and present evidence. 

General recommendations for preserving evidence:

Do not alter, dispose of, or destroy physical evidence.

Think about people who were around before, during, or after the incident who might remember details, so you can provide their information to the investigating office as potential witnesses. Use caution in speaking with others as the Anti-Retaliation policy applies.

Preserve electronic communication, including text messages and social media posts, by saving them or taking a screenshot.


Interim measures

In some situations interim measures can be imposed that serve to protect the parties involved and prevent a situation from escalating. The following are common interim measures:

  • Interim housing suspension
  • Interim no contact directive
  • Interim building prohibition
  • Interim campus ban
  • Temporary leave of absence

More information about interim measures can be found in the Student Misconduct Procedure and the Policy on Sexual Harassment. If you require assistance reviewing or requesting reconsideration of interim measures implemented pending the investigation and outcome of a complaint, contact OSMRC



If an investigation results in a finding that one or more university policies have been violated, one or more sanctions may be imposed. Sanctions will vary based on the facts and circumstances of the incident. Additional information about sanctions in student conduct cases can be found in the Student Misconduct Procedure and the Sanctioning Guidelines for Sexual Assault.

UI-CERB Program
OSMRC manages the UI-CERB educational program. More information on the program is available on this page.