If you have been accused of violating a university policy, there are resources available to you. This brochure for people accused of violating a university policy, published by the Office of the Ombudsperson, includes tips and resources. 

Contact a confidential resource (24-hour assistance)

Resources are available on campus and in the community to speak to someone confidentially.

Ask for an accommodation

Individuals may ask OSMRC for accommodations, such as excused absences, assignment extensions, or class or housing changes.

Learn about the complaint process

Get information about OSMRC's role providing information to student respondents, and learn about interim measures and sanctions.

Locate an attorney

Use these resources to locate an attorney in the Iowa City area.

Understand the difference between university and criminal complaints

University administrative investigations are separate from criminal investigations, though both may take place concurrently.

Respondent rights

Learn about the university's commitment to fair and equitable resolution of complaints.