To make a criminal complaint or ask for police assistance:

Emergency: 911

Non-emergency: Non-emergency complaints should be made to the jurisdiction in which the incident took place.

On campus: 

  • University of Iowa Police: (319) 335-5022

Off campus:

  • Iowa City Police: (319) 356-6800
  • Coralville Police: (319) 248-1800
  • Johnson County Sheriff: (319) 356-6020
  • North Liberty Police: (319) 626-5724
  • University Heights Police: (319) 887-6800

Criminal complaints and university administrative complaints

Someone who experiences sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, dating/domestic violence, or stalking may have options for resolution through both law enforcement and the university. 

City and campus police enforce laws and investigate alleged criminal activity. The university enforces policies and investigates alleged violations of university policy. These processes are different and may result in different outcomes and consequences. Police departments may also accept an information only report if someone does not want to move forward with the criminal complaint process. 

University policy provides the option for an Adaptable Resolution, which in some situations provides a way to address concerns without a Formal Grievance Process. You can learn more about administrative resolution options in the Interim Policy on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct. OSMRC can also provide additional information about resolution options. Call (319) 335-6200 or email us to make an appointment to learn more.