If someone tells you they have been accused of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, dating/domestic violence, or stalking below are some things to keep in mind:

  • Listen. Don’t judge.
  • Don’t probe for details.
  • Know and be clear about your ability to maintain confidentiality or not.
  • Acknowledge what you don’t know and avoid making promises or predictions about things you don’t control.
  • Encourage them to contact confidential resources.
  • Refer them to OSMRC if they have question about university actions being taken.
  • If they indicate they are struggling with their university commitments due to the situation, let them know that OSMRC may be able to assist with supportive measures
  • Beyond meeting your reporting obligations, keep the information private and don’t talk about it to others.
  • Know that retaliation is prohibited. Don’t contribute to an environment in which retaliation occurs.