Review Callisto and recommend whether or not this resource should be implemented at the UI, including the committee's rationale for recommendation. The recommendation will be shared with AVC members and considered as part of the Anti-Violence Plan.

Committee members:
Kimberly DePalma, Student Advisory Committee on Sexual Misconduct
Fatima Jayoma, Monsoon United Asian Women of Iowa
Jeremy Kinser, University Counseling Service
Nathan Levin, Office of the General Counsel
Emily Milke, Rape Victim Advocacy Program
Lilian Sanchez, University of Iowa Student Government
Pamela Terrill, Johnson County SART Coordinator
Rachel Zuckerman, Chair, Office of the President

Review completed in August, 2017. The committee recommended that we not adopt Callisto. The committee made recommendations on alternative ways the university could message to students and on ways to improve the reporting functions on the OSMRC website. The website has been updated to reflect those recommendations; the suggestions related to messaging are under discussion. The committee's full report can be found here.