Past subcommittees of the Anti-Violence Coalition include:

Campus Climate Survey 2015 Subcommittee
Charge: recommend a survey and modify to reflect UI policies and programs, design study methodology and administer survey, develop and conduct data analysis, work with AVC to disseminate results, and evaluate survey administration and develop a sustainability plan

Campus Climate Survey 2017 Subcommittee 

Dating/Domestic Violence Policy Review Subcommittee
Charge: strengthen response readiness to dating/domestic violence reports through review of UI policies, procedures, and response protocols and provide recommendations to the President.

Callisto Review Subcommittee
The Callisto Review Subcommittee has been charged with reviewing Callisto and recommending whether or not this resource should be implemented at the UI.

Sanctioning Subcommittee B
Charge: review the University guidelines to be used to determine 1) what sanctions should be handed down for students who are found responsible for the full range of sexual misconduct, not just for sexual assault; 2) what education/intervention programs should be mandated (sanctioned) for students who are found responsible for these different types of sexual misconduct; and 3) the recommendations of Committee B will only apply to students who are not expelled (as per the guidelines set forth by Committee A)