Student Advisory Committee on Sexual Misconduct (SACSM) Student Advisory Committee on Sexual Misconduct

The Student Advisory Committee on Sexual Misconduct (SACSM) serves as a student voice to the UI Anti-violence Coalition. SACSM solicits input from a broad range of students to inform prevention, intervention and policy work; helping to monitor and improve progress on university plans and commitments in the domain of sexual misconduct. 


Joining the Committee

The Student Advisory Committee on Sexual Misconduct (SACSM) invites the entire student body to join in changing campus culture around sexual misconduct.  Everyone can support the SACSM’s mission to respect others, to value asking for consent, to promote awareness of what constitutes consent (yes means yes, and omission is not permission), and to recognize that victims of sexual misconduct are never to blame.

Students who are interested in formally joining SACSM should apply as seats on the committee become available through the staggered member selection.  Each member’s term is expected to last two years, and at the expiration of each member’s term, SACSM will consider applications for a new member.  


We meet twice a month as a committee to learn more about campus resources and discuss our agenda for improving campus culture around sexual misconduct. Each meeting includes training or education from a campus or community constituent about some specific aspect of sexual misconduct. Each meeting agenda builds off of our last meeting and includes topics proposed in advance and updates by subcommittees progressing on smaller projects.  This agenda prompts open discussion among the committee members, each of whom brings unique insight through his or her different connections at the University of Iowa and who volunteers to complete assignments to advance the committee’s projects.

SACSM 2020-2021 Member Roster

For more information, please contact the committee co-chairs, Taya Westfield and Olivia Westemeier.