The University of Iowa Anti-Violence Coalition (AVC) is a multidisciplinary team focused on ensuring a coordinated community response to prevention and intervention of sexual misconduct, dating/domestic violence, and stalking. The Research & Evaluation Subcommittee was created in the spring of 2019 as a subcommittee of the Anti-Violence Coalition.

Mission: To engage in multidisciplinary collaboration to advance comprehensive, rigorous, assessment, evaluation, and research of the University of Iowa’s efforts to end interpersonal violence in the campus community.


  • To coordinate institutional data collection around interpersonal violence and/or workplace sexual harassment
  • To provide ongoing advice to the Title IX Coordinator and Anti-Violence Coalition on the access and use of interpersonal violence data where the University of Iowa is the authoritative data source.
  • To partner with other researchers and evaluation professionals (students, faculty, and staff) on campus around interpersonal violence research and evaluation for coordination and mutual partnership, but not for oversight.

Goals: These goals will guide the subcommittee for the next two years.

Goal #1: Conduct a campus-wide data mapping of all available data sources pertaining to interpersonal violence outcomes.

  • Examine existing administrative data, Clery reporting, prevention program outcome data, NCHA, diversity surveys, etc.) that could be used to assess interpersonal violence prevalence, prevention strategies, intervention programs, investigation and adjudication processes, and policies.
  • Prepare summary report that includes gaps in the available data needed to inform our prevention and intervention programs and policies.

Goal #2: Create a database of faculty conducting research on interpersonal violence to encourage collaboration.

  • Identify faculty conducting interpersonal violence research.
  • Outline a system and process to keep this information up-to-date and available to AVC and subcommittee members.

Goal #3: Develop a multi-year data collection plan for ongoing assessment of the campus climate, sexual misconduct rates, and impact of prevention and intervention programs.

  • Use the results of the data mapping, along with findings from the 2017 Speak Out Iowa Survey, and Anti-Violence Plan strategies, to recommend a four year data-collection plan.
  • Work with the Anti-Violence Coalition to assure that the data collection plan supports the strategies of the UI Anti-Violence Plan.

Goal #4: Prioritize research and/or evaluation projects identified in the multi-year data collection plan and identify resources to implement these priorities.

  • Consult with the Anti-Violence Coalition to identify priorities.
  • Explore practicum or internship programs on campus to identify students who could assist with research and data projects.
  • Identify and collaborate with research faculty whose scholarship overlap with the subcommittee research priorities.
  • Secure a research budget to support ongoing projects.

Committee Chairs: Carolyn Hartley and Teri Schnelle

2019-2020 Members:

  • Alicia Aguiar
  • Shalisa Gladney
  • Carolyn Hartley
  • Martha Pierce
  • Kathryn Rittenhour
  • Teri Schnelle