Current subcommittees of the Anti-Violence Coalition include:

Campus Education Subcommittee
The Campus Education Subcommittee engages in multidisciplinary collaboration to advance comprehensive, evidence-informed prevention education strategies to end interpersonal violence in the campus community.

Student Advisory Committee on Sexual Misconduct (SACSM)
The University of Iowa President's Student Advisory Committee on Sexual Misconduct advises the president of the University of Iowa on the impact of policies and practices related to the prevention of and response to sexual misconduct affecting students; solicits input from a broad range of students to inform the committee's advice to the president; and monitors progress on university plans and commitments in the domain of sexual misconduct. 

Men and Masculinites Coalition
The Men and Masculinities Coalition works to end the cycle of patriarchal oppression through collaborative education and action with all genders in the university and community.

Campus Climate Survey 2017 Subcommittee