The below roles at the University of Iowa are considered A/AOs under university policy:

  • Collegiate deans (including associate deans and assistant deans)
  • Faculty members with administrative responsibilities at the level of departmental executive officer (DEO) or above
  • Any staff member whose primary job responsibility is to provide advice regarding a student's academic pursuits or other university-related activities
  • Any faculty or staff member serving as departmental (or collegiate) director or coordinator of undergraduate or graduate studies, or as a director or coordinator of any departmental, collegiate, or university off-campus academic program (including any study-abroad program)
  • The president, director of Equal Opportunity and Diversity, sexual misconduct response coordinator, vice presidents (including assistant and associate vice presidents), and provost (including assistant and associate provosts), and those persons' designees
  • Directors and supervisors in an employment context, including faculty and staff who supervise student employees, in relation to matters involving the employees they supervise (other than Department of Public Safety personnel when receiving criminal complaints or reports)
  • Human resource representatives (including all central university Human Resources staff)

Click here to see A/AO responsibilities. The OSMRC, the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity, and campus confidential offices are available to answer questions if you are uncertain about your duty to report.