All University of Iowa faculty and staff that hold a 50% or greater appointment are required to complete sexual harassment prevention education. In 2018, this requirement was extended to also include undergraduate students who are employed as resident assistants by University Housing & Dining, graduate/professional students who hold a teaching assistantship for one semester or longer, and medical and postdoctoral residents and fellows who hold an appointment of at least 50% time during the academic year.

This required course is designed to educate employees about prohibited conduct and the problems associated with sexual harassment, as well as inform alleged and potential victims of their rights and instruct administrators about how to address complaints. In 2017, The University of Iowa collaborated with Iowa State University and the University of Northern Iowa to select a new online provider for employee harassment prevention education. The new product was implemented in spring 2018.

New employees complete the course within two to six months of being hired, depending on their role in the university. All employees must complete a refresher course every three years. The Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (EOD) provides the instructor-led version of the course and monitors compliance.

In 2018, 101 instructor-led workshops were held with a total of 3,546 participants. An additional 1,775 employees completed the online course.