The University of Iowa implemented its second Anti-Violence Plan in 2018, reinforcing its commitment to addressing, preventing and responding to sexual misconduct, through collaborative multi-disciplinary partnerships.  One of the highest priorities from the beginning of the Anti-Violence Coalition has been to inform, educate, and train members so that we may collectively combat sexual misconduct, mitigate its harmful effects, and ensure a fair process for resolving complaints. Through this work, we’ve witnessed value in having people from different disciplines working together, each drawing on their specific training, knowledge and role in our community.  There are positive impacts, but with new students, staff, and faculty arriving to our campus every year, as well as an ever-changing higher education environment, our commitment to our work must remain steadfast.  In that spirit, we share the annual report as a tool to provide insight into our work and specific information about the incidents reported to our office. I hope you find the 2018 Annual Report useful and informative. As always, I invite you to learn more and access additional information online at

Monique DiCarlo, Title IX Coordinator
Office of the Sexual Misconduct Response Coordinator