All incoming undergraduate students are required to attend the CHOOSE session during On Iowa! During the session students expand on what they learned in the online program, particularly on the topic of bystander intervention, by viewing a video illustrating various problematic situations staged on campus to show students intervening to make campus safer and more welcoming. This session engages students in a variety of hands on and interactive learning experiences to better enhance their skills, knowledge, and resources surrounding topics of gender-based violence and discrimination as they enter the University of Iowa. In 2016, WRAC collaborated with On Iowa! staff to train 200 On Iowa! captains and leaders to deliver the CHOOSE workshop to about 5,000 incoming first-year students.


All incoming athletes receive bystander intervention training as a part of a required Athletics Transition Seminar. Individual teams can receive additional training on topics of gender-based violence and discrimination upon their request. In 2016, WRAC & RVAP collaborated with Athletics staff to facilitate five 50-minute workshops with a total of 250 incoming athletes.